Suppondo is a company that specializes in sales of healthy food, and has the largest number of direct stores in Japan. Founded in 1927, our group company has a long history in the textile, tourism and real estate management industries.

We started selling healthy food 28 yeas ago, and we develop and produce our original healthy food products. We have 60 direct-sales stores in various regions, including Tokyo and its surrounding areas, Aichi Prefecture, and Osaka and its surrounding areas. Our main products are made of natural ingredients that are used for Chinese herbal medicine, such as turtles, vipers, shark fins, shark cartilage and sea cucumbers. These natural stuffs contain several active ingredients. Our healty food products are beneficial for gaining immunity, building energy, cosmetic improvement and easing of joint problems.

The fact that we are still in business 28 years after we started selling our healthy food products is testament to the fact that our healthy food products are effective. We believe that it is the reliability of our healthy food products that has enabled us to continue selling them.

Our Business Policies:

Use of only natural ingredients
Because we use only substances from nature, our products can be taken for a long time with no adverse effects.
We sell products made of genuine ingredients without seeking short-term profits.
No ad hoc sales
Selling cheaply is detrimental to product quality and service.

We want people to have a healthy, happy, long life.

We are looking for distributors to sell our products in Europe or the U. S. A.

If you are interested in our healthy food products, we will send them overseas directly. Please feel free to ask us.

Suppondo Co., Ltd.

Higashi 90, Kaminomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan